Wish Me Luck!

It’s ironic, really, that I’ve spent almost every waking hour (and a few which should have been sleeping hours!) creating plaques, clocks, canvases and chalkboards which my customers have bought for Christmas gifts, yet I haven’t yet managed to do any Christmas shopping of my own!  It’s been a bit like a Santa’s Workshop  . . .

image from pewterkingdom.com

with the making and painting, cutting and sticking, wrapping and packing . . . oh, and the frost and the ice, the tutting and swearing (not everything goes to plan all the time, probably not even in Santa’s Workshop!), the long hours and oh-so-short nights!

Yesterday was my first day off (I haven’t even been taking weekends off) and I was ill.  Typical.  Coupled with the extreme cold weather (highs of minus seven) meaning the car wouldn’t start (who could blame it?) I didn’t get very far.

I did consider calling the probably very overworked RAC but the car did eventually start at about 2.30 pm.  I made it to the post office but not much further.  A poorly me and a poorly car didn’t make a very good team anyway.

So wish me luck today as, with predicted highs of minus ten, I will attempt to battle my way into town for a little festive shopping. 

christmas shopping

 It’ll only be when I get there that I realise I’m not the only one who has left it late! 

santa shopping


  1. giddystuff says:

    Good luck! I’m off to find a few extra pressies later, so you are not on your own!

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks, hope it worked out ok for you! It wasn’t as bad as I thought but I’m still not finished!

  3. Janett Durig says:

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