Egg Money Box: Henrietta and Mabel

I paint quite a few of these egg money boxes

egg money box

egg money box

They make lovely gifts for chicken owners (and, if truth be told, a lot of chicken owners treat themselves to one too).

Most of the time, people opt for a standard money box, with buff, brown or white chickens, but they can be personalised with names

personalised egg money box

personalised egg money box

and they can be personalised with your own chickens too!

egg money box

egg moneybox

I had a request very recently from a customer asking for a Light Sussex hen and a Gold Laced Orpington on a moneybox.   When I started painting

egg money painting

painting the egg moneybox

it was funny to see Mary Jane hanging outside the studio door.  She’s the shyest and most nervous of my chickens, so it was unusual for her to be so close to the door.  

Mary Jane is a Light Sussex

Mary Jane

I took this photo of her through the glass, because if I’d opened the door it would have sent her running and squalking madly down the garden.  Not one for human company is Mary Jane, although she will tolerate it when there’s food involved. 

So it was funny to see Mary Jane hanging around out there when I was painting a chicken to look just like her.  I wonder if she knew :)

egg moneybox - Mabel and Henrietta

egg moneybox - Mabel and Henrietta

Oh, and the finished moneybox? I had this email from the customer:

Hi Wendy

It’s arrived!  I’m over the moon – it’s perfect!  You’ve painted Henrietta & Mabel.

 Many thanks

It is always fabulous to get such enthusiastic feedback.  But I suspect one of those chickens on my customer’s monebox may actually be Mary Jane, who made such a perfect live model (even if she did stay the other side of the glass door!) and not Henrietta or Mabel. 

Mary Jane

Mary Jane

You’ll find more information (including how to buy) by clicking here  if you’re looking for somewhere to put the money from selling your chickens’ eggs.


  1. Tori says:

    Oh well I’ve ALWAYS wanted chickens and now I want chickens and this box – it’s adorable!!………… day! x

  2. Wendy says:

    Thanks Tori! I had always wanted chickens for years, and when we moved to this house we finally had space – but the garden needed a lot of work. Still does! Chopping down trees, securing fences, the basics!

    We finally ended up taking on the first three after my daughter’s neighbour desperately needed to get rid of them as his dog was attacking them (it killed one). When they arrived they were obviously stressed, a bit thin, sick-looking and almost featherless. It’s lovely to see them looking healthy and scratching around – and they have such personalities too!

    You’ll enjoy them so much if you get round to keeping some one day!

    Thanks for your comment x

  3. Taylor says:

    These are brilliant, do you make them for the general public? if so how much


  4. Tracey Dimmock says:

    Would it be possible to paint a box for me, it is for my sister in law. Her chickens are called Henrietta and Mabel, one is a red chicken and the other is dark grey.

    I look forward to your reply
    Thank you
    Tracey Dimmmock

  5. Wendy says:

    The money boxes are available on my website: 1st Unique Gifts

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