Handmade Monday 35

Hello and Happy Handmade Monday to you.  You probably know the drill by now  – but there’s more info here if you need it.

I’ve been playing catch up with orders this week, which always means there isn’t much design time.  However, with requests for several new ideas including spiders and The Stig, I’ve had to get my design side into gear (I’ve just realised there’s a pun there if you look hard enough but maybe you’d need to be a Jeremy Clarkson fan to get it).

painting the stig on a door hanger

painting the stig on a door hanger

This is what I’ve come up with . . .

the stig door hanger personalised top gear

the Stig door hanger

Introducing The Stig (of Top Gear fame, of course ) . . .

personalised door hanger the stig top gear

the Stig

And a hairy, red-eyed spider (possibly related to some of the thuggish spiders I find in my studio from time to time) . . .

spider door hanger personalised black

spider door hanger

on a black background, as per the customer request, which was a bit challenging, although making the spider dark grey with lighter highlights seems to have worked.  The customer requested red eyes – and I think that was a good choice – it makes him look a little spooky and slightly menacing.  Could be a good idea for a Hallowe’en gift!

spooky red-eyed spider

spooky red-eyed hairy spider

The web and the writing are in silver, which works well against the black.

I’ve started to update the door hangers page on my website – it hadn’t been updated in ages and everything looked so dated.  There’s always a huge sigh of relief here when there’s a web page update done and ticked off the list!

How’s your handmade week been?  Leave your link below so we can pop over to your blog too.



  1. Adaliza says:

    Arghhh – that’s so scary. I’m terrified of spiders! Very artistic interpretation though – did you get a real one to sit for you? Have also decided that we MUST visit Portmeirion – looks absolutely beautiful. Blogs are such a great idea!

    • Wendy says:

      Thanks. I don’t like spiders either – one has spun a web outside my kitchen wondow this week so has been a bit of a model with glass to protect me!
      I’m sure you’ll love Portmeirion if you visit.

  2. redneedle says:

    Just so clever how you can come up with these designs to perfectly match a customers request, I’m sure they’ll both be chuffed to bits x

  3. What very unique pieces, this shows the benefits of handmade as you would not be able to get anything like these in the high street.

  4. Sarah says:

    Wendy you’re soooo clever….I love your painting and look forward to seeing what you come up with next x

  5. They’re great. What little boy wouldn’t enjoy one.

  6. Both look great, and I definitely think there could be a market for further designs of the same.

  7. Helen says:

    I love the stig plaque Wendy! Really looks good :)

  8. Anna says:

    Ooh wouldn’t fancy sleeping in a room with that spider in. Love the eyes! I like the pose you’ve given stig – it’s great for ‘keep out!’

    Anna x

  9. Wow your drawing of Stig is amazing! :-) x

  10. Winnie says:

    I love stig too. You are very talented to know how to draw everything.

  11. Caroline says:

    I think the Stig door sign is so good and you got into ‘gear’ lol. I am starting on Halloween this week along with Wear it Pink selection, so all systems go in craftland.

  12. Jill says:

    These are great, especially the spider’s web one. Great spider – prefer them like that as not very fond of them in the house/


  13. karen tait says:

    Thanks for hosting again Wendy I think your stig design is really good and Im sure all the spider fans will love them too xxx

  14. Made By Ewe says:

    Wow, The Stig looks really good – you should send one to Top Gear- it’s just the sort of thing they might feature in one of their silly moments. x

  15. mcrafts says:

    The spider is really great! My daughter abandoned her bedroom this week when she found one – bad thing is that her partner is scared of them too so they got his parents to come round and ‘seek and destroy’!

  16. Planet Penny says:

    Now that’s SCARY, ugh! But I do like the Stig. I think if my sons’ had hung that spider on the door they would NEVER had any laundry done! Will be back with my link soon x

  17. zukiestyle says:

    Finally got round to doing handmade Monday again!

    Your door hangers look great. Especially The Stig! I’ve just purchased some Halloween fabric for my dog bandanas, thought I best get in the spirit!xx

  18. Gifts by Jenny says:

    My goodness, what a challenge having to draw The Stig! You’ve done an amazing job, especially as it’s not in your usual style – mine would have looked like a stick-man with a blobby bit for his helmet!!
    Very well done, and thanks for hosting again despite some techie problems going on :)

  19. Love the new designs Wendy but please don’t let my lot see them they’re total car freaks and love Top Gear!! And as for the spider….they’d buy one to hang on the bathroom door ‘cos they know how I hate them and I’d run a mile.


  20. Great doorhangers Wendy, the spider one is great, especially for this time of year. Loving the stig painting. I love doing commissions.

    Jan x

    PS love the driftwood art in your previous post.

  21. little harriet says:

    Scary! I love the depth on the web, it really looks like the spider is big and heavy.. and now I’ve scared myself!

  22. Those spiders are, dare I say it, actually quite cute!!!! Very lovely well done! x

  23. RosMadeMe says:

    Yep, those spidddderrrrrs would keep me out of any room… great idea though!

  24. Martha says:

    hi. i havent been here a while and so many lovely things have turned up! wow you’ve been busy! i like the door hangers! very nice and detailed painting. the top gear topic must be no 1 recently as ive seen a picture of stig on a kid’s butty box one day at work and your painting has just reminded me of it.
    the red-eyes spider (what a strange order!!) looks both scary and… funny. ideal of halloween!
    keep up the goor work.
    im joining your bloggin fun tonight. x x x

  25. I really like the spider one too, its really spooky! just in time for halloween : )

  26. Katie Cooper says:

    Brilliant drawing skills for the stig ‘top gear’

  27. James says:

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