Handmade Monday 46

Welcome to Handmade Monday.

Not much preamble from me this week – with more than 150 orders still to be completed and sent out before Christmas, I’ve not got a lot of time for much else (including blogging).  I did manage to get round everyone’s blogs last week – please don’t count on me this week, will you?

wine o clock

wine o' clock

A lot of these orders are down to the fact my wine o’ clock clock was featured in the Metro on Wednesday (no pics, sorry – I didn’t even get to see a copy myself).  A couple of customers mentioned it and the orders spoke for themselves (50+ orders in one day :shock: for 70+ items and about half as many again on each of the days that followed!  Orders for these are still pinging in…).

Orders for pre-Christmas delivery will not be taken after tonight and as I’m already working from 5 am till about 9 pm there can be no exceptions.  I always feel bad letting people down – and have already turned down a number of custom requests – but there’s only so much you can do :???:

wine and campers

wine and campervans jostling for space and attention

So, think of me this evening finishing off more glasses of wine than is good for me – painted ones, on clocks, of course ;-) while you leave your link and/or browse some of the amazing blogs.


  1. Planet Penny says:

    I’m looking at my very own Wine O’clock clock and drinking a toast to you! Congratulations on all those orders, and thanks so much for organising the Linky amongst all the other distractions. love Penny x

  2. Susie says:

    That is incredible! However, I don’t see how you can stay sane. :) Bless you, I’m sure you will get it done, but you will need a wine yourself! :)

  3. Wow Wendy. Good business for you. May it continue through the next year.

  4. Good luck with the last stretch of the Christmas order!

  5. Martha says:

    you are so hard working! i really admire your zest for mass production. i dont think i would be able to cope with large number of orders if people flooded me with their commission :)

    i like the wordplay: wine o’clock, a truly relaxing slogan ;-)
    the clock faces with camper vans in the background are fab too!
    impressive output!

  6. mcrafts says:

    Wendy – don’t worry about blogs! Well done on the sales – those clocks are great. Mich x (try and get a little relaxation though)

  7. redneedle says:

    You’re on the home stretch, I agree with Mich, don’t worry about visiting everyone, I’m amazed you’ve managed to keep this linky going. Well done on your amazing success, do try to switch off soon though won’t you. Is it time for expansion plans?

  8. Fantastic orders Wendy, but I’m not surprised you have to put a limit on what you can do, you don’t want to burn yourself out before the big day.

    Jan x

  9. Caroline says:

    Well done on your orders Wendy, think this sort of mentions are worth more than actual adverts. Hope you get them all done and dispatched fro Christmas which is now fast approaching.

  10. Jam Dalory says:

    The thought of that many orders would terrify me, I really don’t know how you do it. I think you’ll need to book yourself a nice long holiday after Christmas just to recover. x

  11. Jill says:

    Good luck with completing all of your orders Wendy – and looking forward to a well-earned break (well for a few days than back to work).

  12. thanks for holding another party!

  13. Oh my goodness, what a mixture of emotions you must be feeling. Wonderful orders / I hate orders or something to that effect.
    Don’t even think about visiting any of us this week.

  14. Kat says:

    Best of luck Wendy. You deserve the business so don’t feel too bad if people aren’t a little more organised with their shopping. You’re only human after all.

  15. kathryn says:

    Get you- little miss busy! Sounds like you will be well deserving of a glass of wine ( or two) come christmas – hope your being spoilt.You deserve it!

  16. Stephen says:

    Wine clocks. Campervan clocks. Does anyone else feel this needs a joke about making a drink driving clock? :-)

    Keep up the good work.

  17. Mrs A. says:

    Try to have some of the wine yourself!! Good luck with all the orders. Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Anita Mistry says:

    WOW how wonderful. Please make sure you make some time for you. The orders will still keep coming even after Christmas.

  19. Wow congratulations on being featured in the Metro, Christmas keeping you busy! : D

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