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clock with female singer closeup

clock closeup

First of all, I want to apologise to Hannah – I had offered to share her link on a Handmade Monday post because it might interest quite a few of you – and then I promptly forgot :oops:    Hannah is offering you the opportunity to share your story on her blog -  head over to Span’s Studio for all the details!  I think it’s a great idea (mine is here) and it’d be really good to see you get involved.  It’s always fascinating to read how other people started running their small craft business – everyone has a story to tell.

This week I’ve been working on several commissions – one of which was this clock.  I was asked for a line drawing of an anonymous female singer dressed like Cher – so this is what I came up with:

it's Cher o' clock

it's Cher o' clock

I had about 24 hours to get this one made and posted out – it was a quick turnaround only made possible by the fact the customer just wanted a line drawing and I already had some clocks painted in what seems to have become my signature dark cream/light beige background (I am never sure of the right descriptive term for this colour.  The paint manufacturer calls it unbleached titanium, which doesn’t help much!).

Cher's knee high boots

Cher's knee high boots

I quite like getting short notice commissions occasionally (but not too often!) as they keep you on your toes.  The customer loved it, which always makes commissions worthwhile!

I’ve also been working on some other commissions (more about those another time) and some new Mother’s Day gifts (more about that soon too!) as well as a steady flow of orders, so it’s been busy here.

I’m still struggling with organising my time more efficiently – I think perhaps I might be making progress on that score (albeit a little on the slow side!).  There’s soooo much more I want to do and where are those extra 24 hours when you need them, huh?  Who’s up for starting a petition for an extra day in the week?

Although, looking at my wall calendar (a free gift from the free magazine Gift Focus – now there’s a bargain!) it seems I may have it cracked.  Not only is there a 29th Feb this year, there was also (look closely!) a 39th January (although this appears to be a swop rather than an extra day)!

an extra day

an extra day


  1. Jill says:

    Oh,yes, an extra day in the week would be very welcome. Perhaps between Friday and Saturday would be a good idea, because when I get to Friday I realise I still have lots of work to do before the weekend – not that working for oneself means we always have weekends. You are right, Wendy, Hannah’s guest spot is a great way to talk about how you got into crafting or how your business first started. I am Hannah’s guest poster on Thursday of this coming week, and I am looking forward to reading other HMs soon. Your Cher clock is gorgeous – love the boots. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Stephen says:

    I thought that looked like Cher before reading on :-) Drawing looks fantastic.

    I thought titanium was more of a silvery colour so I don’t know how the paint manufacturer came up with that name. Maybe you could call it a light coffee colour.

    Love little oddities like that 39th. Had to put that image on Pinterest straight away.

  3. I agree Wendy, I’m always fascinated to find out how people end up doing what they do. Do you think you can make me a pair of boots like that – size 9, in a nice black patent ;)

  4. It is always fancinating how anyone falls into setting up their own business. I have done a slightly different posting this week, a repair rather than a make, but close to many crafters hearts I hope.

  5. I am 110% with you on an extra day of the week although since I have a regular day job I’m up for that extra day of the week falling at a weekend! Whoever decided on a 5 day working week and 2 day weekend clearly loved their job!! Im also trying to organise my time a bit better – I have bought a diary and am planning my time and (trying) to stick to it! Good luck :-) x

  6. mcrafts says:

    Lol at 39th Jan! The Cher clock is really good! The extra day this year – not sure if its good or bad for me! Mich :)

  7. Its done it again Wendy. This is the message I get.
    Error: Couldn’t resolve host ‘Yellowroserhymes.blogspot.co.uk’

    Please use the tabs on the top to either insert the image URL directly or upload an image from your computer or go back to change the url

    I wonder what I am doing wrong?

    • Wendy says:

      I don’t know Carol! I’ve just done it for you, it seems to let me no trouble. I’m off to bed now but will have a closer look tomorrow to see if I can work out what’s going wrong.

  8. Jam Dalory says:

    An extra day in the week, extra hours in the day i’m not fussy i’d just like some more time however it appears! I love the clock, you have a real talent and to come up with that and get it finished in 24 hours is nothing short of amazing! Well done you. x

  9. Sarah says:

    Cher is brilliant….you are so clever…(am sure I’ve said that more than once) xx

  10. The colour reminds me of a tall glass of latte or a sandy beach, I’ll have either or both :)

    A great image on the clock and well done on the quick turn around.

    Jan x

  11. Caroline says:

    I thought Cher when I looked as well, does that date me? lol. Love the design different and in mono very effective.

  12. morning wendy
    will be back for a look at other blogs. Thanks for hosting

  13. Pickle-Lily says:

    Thanks for hosting Handmade Monday again. I have a suggestion why not reverse the week-end to five days and work for two! Mind you I seem to craft seven days!
    Jo x

  14. I’ll join the petition for an extra day in the week too! Although for once this week, my handmade Monday was posted early on Saturday ;-)

    Loving the Cher clock!

    Alison x

    Blue Forest Jewellery

  15. RosMadeMe says:

    My pen is poised ready for the petition… but I would also like to add an addendum… not everything can happen at once. Can we please have time to get everything done and if we need a sneaky extra day or two we can elect to slip the days in, if stress levels tel us we need it?

    BTW… if this is a Cher clock, will it run backwards, cos we all know Cher sings “If I could turn back time…”

  16. lol 39th of January I love it! I knew if I looked hard enough I’d find an extra day : )

  17. Jenny says:

    Haha! I wish there really were extra days in every month! Glad to hear you are busy and look forward to seeing your new things :)

  18. Susie says:

    I am so late, if I could get an extra day maybe I could catch up. At any rate, I think that color is “Sandy Taupe”. And yes, that’s a bona fide color. :) There you go.
    BTW if there is a 39th of January what do we get to do with 32-38? :) Oh, the clock is wonderful, I love the face, you are quite amazing.

  19. redneedle says:

    Where did you get the inspiration from for this fantastic drawing!

    • Wendy says:

      As with a lot of commissions, it was a mix: customer request (line drawing, black boots, anonymous female singer) and image she sent (Cher’s clothes), and good old Google images (I looked at silhouettes of female singers and worked from those for the pose). Really, the inspiration was all from the customer!

  20. Hi Wendy
    thanks for the tip about aromanet. I used the search engine but came up as a canadian site. Do you know of a different one?

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  22. Luther says:

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