If you’ve tried to access my website (or blog) today, I can only apologise and say all is well again now. Phew!

Those people who know me well will know I’m creating a brand new website where I’ll be selling printable images and sewing patterns, which I’ve been wittering on about over here.  The people who are looking after the technical side of my new website-in-the-making went and did something technical for me (I’ll spare you the details) but they clicked the wrong button.

And that button closed my website down!

orange buttons

this is more my kind of button...

While it’s not nice when things go wrong, it’s nice to know even the techie people get it wrong occasionally!



  1. Diane says:

    As long as they were able to fix it, then all is cool again :-)

  2. Wendy says:

    Indeed it is! Hard to know if it incurred much lost business, though.

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