Look where my clock found itself!

Sometimes you get a lovely surprise and this was one of those!  Look where my wine o’ clock ended up yesterday!

Daily Express

Daily Express

Some of my products are sold on Swanky Maison as well as my own website - and Cath and Emma from Swanky are very good at getting publicity for their partners.

daily express wine o clock

red hot...

So today there will be a lot of painting of clocks to get those orders made.  I’m off to chuck some logs on the woodburner to warm up the studio!  Today isn’t the coldest of days, despite it being January, but a warm studio helps the paint dry as well as cheering me up!


  1. Jan says:

    Well done, it’s a great piece of publicity.

    Jan x

  2. rachel taylor says:

    well done to you

  3. ooh well done you!! That is brilliant

  4. Jacky says:

    Well done brilliant

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