Handmade Monday

What is Handmade Monday?


handmade monday

handmade monday

Handmade Monday started right here on this blog but now happens over on Handmade Harbour.

It’s a bit of a link party, really.  It’ll help you get more visits, followers, comments and generally increase traffic to your blog.  It’s got a bit of a community feel to it and has been likened to an online coffee morning.

If you blog about something creative that you think might fit in with the handmade ethos, you’re very welcome to join in. You don’t need an invite! :-D

All you do is write your blog post as usual, linking to this blog (preferably the Handmade Monday post) somewhere in your post - and then leave your link on Handmade Monday using the linky tool provided each week, which is really simple to use.


If you’re not sure what to blog about or how to work in a link, do click on a few of the links in any Handmade Monday post to see what others are doing.  Many people use it to blog ablout what’s been happening that week: what they’ve made, the fair they went to at the weekend, their inspirations or struggles, etc.  They even blog about their baking or gardening projects. It all fits in well and makes for diversity.   It’s good that we’re not all the same and it’s fab to see so much difference in the way people approach this.

The only request is that it relates to handmade in some way.  If it’s about having a day off from your handmade business, or about the new kitten that’s been distracting you from crafting, I’m more than happy with that!

When Can I Link?

Handmade Monday is usually open from about 6pm every Sunday evening until 12 noon on Tuesday, to give early birds and stragglers equal opportunities ;-) (these are UK times, although you’re welcome wherever you live in the world: just check your timezone against ours).

It’s not automated, so there may be times when it goes up a bit later if I’m busy doing something offline.  We all know life can get in the way of blogging occasionally ;-)

What’s Not Allowed?

Please: only links to blogs, not shops.  Shop links will be deleted!

Although the whole idea of joining in is to help promote your blog, the point of this isn’t to sell to your fellow linkers (although you might!) – so it stands to reason your blog post shouldn’t be overly promotional (if it is, I won’t delete, but it may not gain you fans).

Please, don’t link to your blog more than once each week.  Several links in one week to the same place can get a bit overpowering, not to mention a bit annoying, to readers.


It’s only polite if you’re hoping for people to click on your link to do something in return.  So please do click on as manyother links as you feel you can reasonably do.  Please leave comments on the blogs you visit – for several reasons:

1. It shows you’ve taken notice and appreciate their work.

2. They may take more notice of your blog/work.

3. Many friendships have been made via blogs.  There’s a real person behind every one of them!

4. It creates another link back to your blog. Can’t be bad.

5. It’s a nice thing to do and bloggers always love to get comments :-)

Please do follow as many of your fellow Handmade Monday linkers as you feel happy with.  The newbie bloggers in particular really appreciate new followers and they’ll probably follow you back!

Please remember to link back to my Handmade Monday blog post in your blog post – Google loves links so you’re definitely not doing any harm to your own blog and you’re helping to spread the word about handmade. That’s gotta be good!

Making a Clickable Link on Your own Blog

Most blogs, including Blogger and WordPress, have a little gadget – an easy to use pop-up box -  that makes it easy for you to add a link.

If yours isn’t playing the way it should, and if you need some help with the html code for links, you’ll find instructions on HTML Links from Quackit.com.  If it seems complicated, the first bit is probably the only bit you’ll need.  You just need to make sure you’re in the code part of your blog when you type it in.  You probably won’t need any of this though.

Following This Blog via Blogger

This blog is self-hosted on WordPress and doesn’t have the follow-this-blog-thing to click.  You’ll need to go to Blogger and log in.  On the first page, under your list of blogs you’re following will be a button to add a blog.  Click that and follow the instructions.  Simple.  Be warned, I blog a lot!

Thank You

Thank you for reading this far, and for joining in if you have done or are going to.  I’m sure it will bring you some new readers, clicks and followers.

P.S. Handmade Harbour

If you’re interested in promoting your own blog or online shop, you might also want to follow Handmade Harbour where I blog about the business side of crafts, interview independent designer/makers and share printables, tutorials and more.







  1. What a great idea. I found you by mcrafts and will certainly try to work out how to join in. Thank you

  2. I can’t wait now for next Monday to take part!! Just time for me to get my blog up and running by then. Off now to look at how some of the bloggers here link in the Handmade Monday theme!!

  3. Thats a VERY good post.

  4. Helen says:

    Thanks for this post. Looking forward to next Monday! I get some of my best ideas from Linky parties!

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