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Do Chickens Grieve?

The heading sounds like a silly question, I know, but today’s events have made me wonder.

Little Milly (fondly known in this household as “the dozy one” as she often forgot to take herself off to bed at night and was always slow to notice food) went off to meet her maker sometime this morning.



She stayed in bed when I went to let them all out this morning.  Still alive, but asleep and quite obviously not wanting to be disturbed.  We’ve all had mornings like that!  The others were worried about her, and kept fussing about the coop, not wanting to stray far.

I found her keeled over a few hours later, and the others still fussing around.  They’ve been quiet all day, just wandering aimlessly around the coop area, not straying far.  Are they grieving?

It’s easy to put human emotions onto animals, but the chickens are quite obviously fond of each other.  When Sally was ill last year, Mary Jane cosied up to her, quite literally “taking her under her wing”.  It was very sweet to see.

under my wing

under my wing

Poor Milly.  We have no way of knowing how old she was, as she came to us after a series of failed homes and dog attacks (some of her friends were killed by said dog)  but I suspect she may have been quite elderly.

Today is . . .

. . . Easter Sunday and I just popped in to say

happy easter

happy easter

Happy Easter to you!

Enjoy your day, whether it involves chickens, bunnnies or just lots of chocolate!

The Henclosure

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard talk of us building a run for the chickens.   An enclosure.   A Henclosure, in fact.

the henclosure

the henclosure

The hen poo on the back door step got rather too much for Britain’s Tidiest Man.  I know, I know  - it’s unfortunate we share a home, what with me training for the title of Britain’s Untidiest Woman.  We agree on most topics, but not on the tidiness front. 

We didn’t agree much on this sign he attached to the chicken run, either . . .

warning sign

warning - any chicken or rabbit caught trying to escape this compound will be shot and eaten.

although it made me secretly chuckle (shhh . . . don’t tell him).   I didn’t hear the chickens or the rabbit laughing though ;-)

Anyway, the run is built and the chickens and rabbit are getting to know one another.

rabbit hiding under hutch

keep those nasty beaks away from me!

They weren’t too sure of each other at first – the chickens are too pecky and inquisitive for the rabbit and the rabbit is too quick for the chickens.  I think they’re all getting used to the idea of a shared garden though! 

I decided the chickens could eat at the table, as in all polite households.

eating at the table

eating at the table

They still managed to knock over their food

climbing on the table

climbing on the table

and even climbed on the table.  So much for manners.

Anyway, the Henclosure is complete.  They seem happy enough, if occasionally slightly bemused at not being able to find the exit. 

which way is out

so which way is out?

 I really want to set them free but I fear there would be some very disappointed comments about dirty door steps. 

Not to mention that trained and hungry sniper on the corner watching for escapees.