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Campervan Gifts


Campervan moneybox, personalised with any name or message (and a personalised number plate too!).  Choice of colours for the campervan.


Colour of campervan:
Wording required:
Personalised number plate:

bev 40 clock.jpg

The iconic split screen campervan with neutral cream background and your choice of colour for van coupled with off-white.  We'll add your own personalised numberplate of choice: a name, date, word or even a real numberplate at no extra cost.

Hand painted to order. Measures 23cm in diameter. £25.00

Colour of van
Numbers on your clock?
Personalised number plate

vw campervan wedding canvas personalised gift.jpg

Whether it's for someone who owns or loves campervans, or for someone who's using one as a wedding car, this hand painted canvas makes a fabulously different keepsake gift. Each campervan is hand painted onto a deep-edge canvas and needs no framing as the sides are painted too.

Available in three sizes with whatever personalisation you require.  The background is usually a neutral cream and the campervan can be any colour.

If you'd like a message around the back edge of the canvas, where it sits against the wall, please email us your message and we'll add it at no extra cost

Size of canvas:
Colour of campervan:
Names above van
Personalised number plate:

hippy chick.jpg

The perfect gift for a campervan-loving hippy chick.  Personalised numberplate too!

Your choice of wording, as always.  Measures approx 15cm x 7cm plus wire hanger.

If you'd like alternative wording, or want to request other changes, please email



colour of campervan:
Wording required:
Name or wording required

DP 2 names camper.jpg

Iconic split screen campervan door plaque.  Not only can you have your choice of wording on the plaque, you also get to choose the number plate!

You have a choice of colours for the campervan too - and if the colour you want isn't here, let us know and we can probably do it.  All our gifts are hand painted to order, so we can often make changes for you at no extra cost - email to request changes.

Measures approx 15cm x 7cm and comes with four sticky pads on the reverse for easy fixing to a door or wall.

Just £7.99

colour of campervan:
Wording on plaque:
Personalised number plate:

heart camper bow.jpg

30cm heart-shaped hand painted chalkboard, personalised at the top with any name(s), a cute campervan painting at the bottom and a handmade rope basket at the side.  The basket holds a small piece of chalk and cloth wipe (supplied).

The campervan is available in different colours and can have a personalised numberplate of your choice (up to 6 letters) and can have a sign hanging from the wing mirror with a further message - in this case: just married.

If there's too much info to put in the boxes below, please email at the time of ordering with your extra info.


Colour of van:
Wording on wing mirror sign:
Wording at top:
Personalised number plate:

baby plaque.jpg

The perfect gift for campervan-loving new parents.  personalised numberplate with baby's date of birth, baby's name above the van, and weight on the sign hanging from the wing mirror!

Your choice of wording, as always.  Measures approx 12.5cm x 12.5cm plus wire hanger.

If you'd like alternative wording, or want to request other changes, please email



Colour of campervan:
Baby's name:
Baby's date of birth & weight:

1 birth pink.jpg

What better way to commemmorate the birth of a new baby than the iconic VW split screen campervan?

These canvases are painted individually just for you, in acrylics on a stretched cotton canvas mounted on a deep profile frame.  The sides of the canvas are painted so no further framing is required.  You can have the baby's name, date of birth and weight displayed on the canvas, making a lovely keepsake.

Available in three sizes and a selection of colours.

If you'd like a message writing on the back edge of the canvas (where it sits against the wall), please let us know.

Size of canvas:
Colour of campervan:
Names above van
Baby's weight & date of birth:

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